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Black Cat Investigations are a private investigation agency (detective agency) that was founded on many years of experience working towards a single philosophy: To offer Truth, Clarity and Closure to those who seek it. 

Be it an individual seeking answers to a partners suspected infidelity or a multinational corporation investigating stock losses or the misuse of company equipment, here at Black Cat Investigations we have the equipment, manpower and experience to offer what you need. 

  • Cheating Partners (matrimonial infidelity)
  • Audio Surveillance (room bugging)
  • Advanced Vehicle Tracking (GPS tracking devices)
  • Surveillance (Matrimonial or otherwise)
  • Professional, Confidential and reliable investigation service

The first step towards hiring a private investigator is sometimes a hard one to take. After all, we could end up confirming your worst fears. But in the majority of cases, all we do is confirm what you already believe to be the truth by providing photographic or video graphic evidence of wrong doing.

It is often said that the hardest part of any negative situation is ‘the not knowing’. At Black Cat Investigations, we can take that part away leaving your mind clear to think without any unanswered questions. 

We have access to a variety of techniques and equipment to obtain information and complete ‘day to day’ operations. These include:

GPS Vehicle tracking devices
Computer keystroke loggers
Night vision equipment
Digital SLR cameras fitted with long range telephoto lenses
Convert listening devices
Property ‘recovery’ devices
Room bugging equipment
And more! 

Basically, we have the tools to be able to complete the job in the fastest possible time.

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