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GPS Vehicle Tracking

We are proud of the investment we make in new technology and GPS vehicle tracking has become one of the most powerful tools in our arsenal against cheating partners, rogue employees and benefit fraudsters. With the ability to be able to pinpoint a car to within about 3 feet anywhere in the world, and then have a rapid response team deployed to capture evidence for you on film, more clients than ever before are using this as a primary source of information.

How does this service work?

Once booked, our team would come out to the target location during the early hours of the morning and attach a small device (about the size of the palm of your hand) to the underside of the target vehicle using high powered magnets. Once in place, we would send you a link together with a unique user ID enabling you to track the device on the internet in live time via your PC.

Unable to get to a PC? No problem - Simply phone the device using the number we give you and it will text you back within a minute or two with an exact location. Of course, if you don't want to track the device yourself, don't worry - we can provide you with a full journey history via email once your tracking period is over.

The screen shots below show the tracking console. Click on any one of them to see a full size image.

Image 1 shows the main tracking console screen. This can be customised and even set up so that the device texts you when the car moves or goes to a specific pre-set destination Image 2 shows the history of the tracker from your very first tracking day, View routes, journey times and of course start and stop locations.

Prices for the service are still among the most economical in our industry and with more than 15 GPS trackers available per week, the scope for mischief has just become that bit smaller...

- obtain copies of all texts sent and received as they happen

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