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Beware of so-called 'Local' PI's!

We have been in business for many years and during that time, we have seen a lot Detective Agencies come and go. Worrying, what we are seeing more and more of now are centralised call centres masquerading as local agencies, taking your money and farming your operation out to the highest bidder...

So, we hear you asking: Whats the problem? First, we have to look at the process they use

  • First, you go onto the internet and search for a Local PI in your home town (try it!)

  • You find one fully branded for your area with a local dialing code, maps of your streets and lists of local towns near you. They may even have a local domain name

  • You call them up and ask them to quote for a job

What has actually happened is that you havent phoned a local agency at all. You have gone through to a national call centre who then farm your job out to a private individual closest to you. So, how does this affect you?

  • You end up paying considerably more for the same services as you pay for a middle man to farm out work to the highest bidder

  • You will NEVER be able to meet anyone face to face as they will ONLY deal with you via phone and email

  • Conflicts of interest are rife - If you dont know who is following your partner, how do you know they dont know them

  • Who will you complain too if things dont go to plan?

Here is a quick comparison with one of these 'local agencies' to show you why Black Cat Investigations are your best choice for Private Investigation services in Milton Keynes and beyond...

Name Milton Keynes Detectives Black Cat Investigations
Location Nottingham! Milton Keynes
Surveillance Cost 79 per hour!! 25 / 55 per hour
GPS Cost 2 Weeks 598.88 2 weeks 375
Meet the team face to face? No Yes
Free Surveillance offered? No Yes
Know the local area? No Yes
Discounts available for low income households? No Yes
Notice required to start working for you? up to 48 hours 2 hours
Live case updates from the Investigators working for you? No Yes

All of the information above was gathered over the phone during a call to Milton Keynes Detectives (from Nottingham!) As you can see, there are many reasons as to why you should use an actual local agency, rather than one that claims to be.

(P.S. As a side note, what these local Agencies say on the phone when you call them is pretty much word for word what we have been saying since 2002...Wouldnt it just be easier to deal with the company that pioneered the services they are offering?!)

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