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Matrimonial Investigations

Sadly, at some point during many relationships the fidelity of one or both partners is called into question. It may be that they have started working strange hours, suffered a shift in priorities at home, begun going out more of an evening or just simply started acting in a way that is not ‘them’.

On some occasions, these shifts in behaviour can be easily explained and rectified within the confines of the matrimonial home through communication between the parties. But sometimes, you may need something a little more tangible to give you the answers you seek. 

Matrimonial cases may involve:

- GPS or GSM Vehicle Tracking Devices
- Computer Bugging
- Email monitoring
- Basic visual surveillance
- Photography and or videography

At Black Cat, we appreciate the delicate nature of matrimonial investigations and will provide a variety of services in a caring and empathetic way to offer our client the answers he or she needs to make an educated decision.

We are able to carry our investigations in ALL major UK cities including London, Manchester, Milton Keynes, Birmingham, Brighton, Oxford, Coventry, Northampton, and everywhere in between!

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