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A Black Cat Investigations product (C) 2007

Street Checker is a revolutionary (we think!) service offered by Black Cat Investigations to address the fears that homebuyers have when moving to an unknown new area.

Many of us have had cause to complain about the areas surrounding our homes at some time or another.

These complaints may be about noise, parking, barking dogs etc but luckily for most of us these instances of 'anti-social' behaviour have been one offs and not something that would have caused any long term distress.

However, some home owners suffer with Anti Social Behaviour day in and day out with little or no support from their local government or police force.

So, what could those home owners have done to warn themselves about what goes on in their neighbourhood before they moved in? They could have bought a Street Checker Report before they purchased the house.

Street Checker reports are designed to give you an all seeing view of your new neighbourhood to show you what it is really like on a day to day basis.

Positioning Agents covertly in key positions around your new purchase, Black Cat Investigations will monitor the area, discreetly collecting photographic and video graphic evidence of any disturbances that may effect your decision whether or not to purchase the house.

  • Any street based anti-social behaviour
  • Particularly heavy or speeding traffic at certain times
  • Groups of people gathered socially in the immediate area
  • House parties emitting excessive noise
  • Local pet disturbances (barking dogs etc)
  • Details on neighbour activity
  • Unattended continuous house alarms
  • High police activity
  • Official Home Office crime figures for their area

Basically, with a Street Checker Report, you can move in to your house with the peace of mind that only comes from knowing the truth about your new neighbourhood.

Prices start from just 95 for a full street check. Contact us now for details!



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